Bar Brawl


Bar Brawl

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This item has been retired and is no longer manufactured or available for purchase. It may still be available at some Authorized Retailers around the world, however. The hunt is on!

Drink up friends! This smooth bubbly goodness is going to help facilitate a little inner conflict and help you find resolution. What happens at Ohmtoberfest stays at Ohmtoberfest. Take that inner conversation to the next level - challenge yourself - think about it - process it - drink - drink more. No judgement! Hey, is that a wiener over there? I’ll be right back.
Ohmtoberfest is Ohm’s tribute to the world’s largest beer festival AND you’re invited! We have everything a traditional Oktoberfest *cough* Ohmtoberfest is known for: smoky wieners, salted pretzels, and of course something to get your …. hop on. What are you looking forward to most?